Hello everyone! me

Thanks for visiting this page. Although this site is pretty new, it is really going to pick up within the next few weeks!  Wishing Whale is a startup organization and clothing company spreading awareness for ocean conservation and sustainability. Wishing Whale is the brainchild of an average college girl, just trying to live sustainably and do her best to help out the environment and protect our favorite ocean-dwelling mammals. This blog will cover a variety of topics, including news and updates on marine life, tips to be sustainable in your 20’s, fashion tips, trends in pop culture, features on women in science, how celebrities are doing their part, and how you can do yours! The aim of this blog is to be both informational and fun. More than anything it’s going to be a helpful lifestyle blog for young women who care just like me about doing small things to enact big change.

Going to college in close proximity to the ocean has really changed my perspective on just how important it is to care about our environment, and even though we do not live in the ocean, we can still directly impact it both positively and negatively.With that in mind my hopes are to spread some awareness and hopefully launch a  casual, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable clothing brand, where a large amount of  the proceeds will be donated to organizations that specify in the wildlife conservation of  whales and other marine life. Overall the goal is to help both ourselves and the environment and contribute in a mutually beneficial way that won’t break the bank.

I really hope this blog is helpful and inspirational. I feel now more than ever young people have the power to step up and make a difference about the things they are passionate about. There is so much technology out there that is pretty accessible to  all of us, so making dreams a reality is not only possible, but easy. Although we are young, it really isn’t that difficult to reach out, to lend a hand, and to be present and aware. The first step is to be educated, the second step is action. It seems that being environmentally conscious has not only become socially acceptable today, but trendy as well.It seems that clothing companies and celebrities have made it their mission to propel these issues into the limelight and make sure people are talking about them. I hope to do the same just on a much smaller scale. Overall, Wishing Whale’s goal is   to incorporate coastal clothing for a cause, as well as educate and inform young women that they can do their part in saving the ocean through sustainable practices and volunteering, and most of all they can look cute doing it!

“I like to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to a cause so that I have more impact. My goal is to shed light on the beauty of the ocean and how important it is for our planet.” -Hayden Panettiere



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