A Note from One of Our Writers

Hey all, Courtney here, regular college student and a member of the Wishing Whale team. Usually on this blog we talk about tips to conserve our environment or discuss news on what is currently happening to our oceans. I want to share something personal with you all , just so you can see that this isn’t a site that preaches to the choir, one that doesn’t care about its’ readers or its’ content. I wanted to share with you my personal history with sustainability, and the struggle I’ve had trying to save the world from a dorm room on the Jersey Shore.( I promise you it’s nothing like the show.)

A lot of the time when I read ocean conservation or sustainability blogs they come off really pretentious. They tell me what I should be doing. They tell me I should be not be using plastic, not eating sea food, not eating meat, not shopping at my favorite stores, not buying food from the grocery store if it has too much packaging, and not cleaning with chemicals. A lot of the time it is overwhelming how much I feel my existence alone does more harm than good when it  comes to saving the planet. It is really easy to become discouraged by these blogs. I don’t want to feel that way.Neither should you.

When Wishing Whale was created, we believed that people have lives. People live in a modern age in a consumerist society. It’s hard enough getting people who don’t care about the environment to finally start caring, so I don’t understand why people gear their information towards an audience that has already been invested, when it’s the people who don’t know that could really make a difference. Wishing Whale set out to inform young people, people who wouldn’t usually know or care about environmental issues, and let them know very simply what’s going on and the steps one can take to fix things.

I’m one girl living away at college near the coast of New Jersey. I’ve come to find how much beauty there is from seeing the beach every day. I’ve read up on what is happening to our environment, and it’s become something in me that I’ve tried my best to pay attention to. Do I always recycle responsibly? When I can I do. Do I eat meat and sea food? The dining hall at school has very limited options. Do i shop at stores that don’t participate in free trade? Sales are important when you’ve got fifteen dollars in your bank account. The point is that nobody is perfect.

Nobody, not even the ones preaching online about all of these different lifestyle choices are perfect. The important thing isn’t to do all of those things. The important thing is to know that you’ve thought about it. The more people who know that these alternative choices exist, the more it is possible to make these changes and to make conscious decisions to change. I wake up every morning and think about things I can do to help the environment. Wishing Whale is not here to shame you. We know that one person can’t just wake up one morning and save the world. But what we believe you can do, is wake up one morning, and try.







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